Sophia Ghani

I am a woman with experiences, both good and bad, that a few people possess. I have trained martials arts, and many other physical activities, from an early childhood. Which ended up being my profession, as a personal trainer and life coach.

People, who know me, know which challenges and battles I have been through in life. They know that I’m a fighter. This has given me the strength, which I convey into my clients, through my training.
Some of my specialties are in dynamic training, which can be adjusted to any wish, and any body. This will be done through diet changes, hard physical training, ranging from aggressive muscle buildup, to harmonic body toning, and a change of mindset.

I love the adrenalin kick, when I push myself over a limit, and even more, when I see the same fire, in the eyes of my students.

I expect full motivation and discipline from my clients, and will give it back tenfold.



I have trained since the age of 6, and, as an adult, educated myself in a broad spectrum, which has ended up as my life style and profession. I have completed the following courses and educations:

  • 1,5 years of state approved fitness instructor course at CPH-West
  • HIIT (High intensive interval training)
  • Mobilefit/TRX instructor
  • Running coach
  • Barre instructor (Functional training, inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates)
  • Certified yoga instructor
  • Stepz Dancestudio: Classical ballet, Jazz, Modern, Street, House, Graham technique.
  • Flow Dance Academy
  • Iwanson Tanzschule, Munich
  • Stagefight/stunt course: at Martin Spang Olsen
  • Swimming/lifesaver
  • Gold medalist: Danish national Thaiboxing Cup 2014
  • Thai boxing World Cup 2005, Bangkok: 4th place
  • Trained boxing instructor at Poul Duvill











I have various experiences in a broad spectrum of training techniques, which will help you, when you wont make compromises in your quest for a healthy life. Below is a description of some of my most used training forms, which I’ll use to compose a training schedule fitting your personal need.



By using the best training principals from martials arts, my boxing training is usually hard, varied and super effective. This training will strengthen your whole bodymuscular, your condition, reaction speed, coordination and balance. My teaching is inspired from old school boxing, with use of boxing mitts, heavy bags, weights, jump ropes, chin and sit-ups etc. 


Running is an important component in my training schedule, but it is used primarily as a tool to prepare your body for the further training. I typically use different interval methods, depending on the client I’m training. This makes sure that my running program fits the specific need of my client. 

Sophia Ghani fit


High intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) is a training principle that I often use in my training. The principle is to workout in intervals of high intensity and power. Instead of running long and slow, we’ll run as fast as we can, in short periods. With short breaks between the sprints. This improves cardio, stamina and strength.
My form of training is hard, and fast, during short intervals. This style will heighten your metabolism and endurance, and give you great results, under many different disciplines. 

Sophia Ghani working her bar


Barre training is a mixed up form of training, composed of techniques from ballet, yoga and pilates. It is used primarily to tone specific muscle groups, and to give flexibility and strength to the body’s complex muscle groups. This training will give you a strong, healthy and functional body posture. Due to the ability to tone specific muscle groups, does this training form make a very flexible and dynamic tool, which can be used from football players to dancers. It is a given choice for anyone doing competition sports. Preformed correctly will this training give increased movement and power to many small, but essential, muscles. The result will be a strong and harmonic body.


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